sunday’s recipe: hydrating oil blend

i am excited to introduce you to my sunday series titled “sunday’s recipe.” every sunday i will share a recipe with you whether it is a food-based recipe or a product-based recipe.

i have officially converted all of my skin and hair care products to homemade products using pure and natural ingredients. i am so thrilled to share my recipes with you!

for this recipe i use a 4 oz. cobalt blue glass with a dropper top and mix the ingredients straight into the bottle. last year, i attended an essential oil 101 class at herban wellness where i learned a ton about essential oil uses, as well as the basics of blending different base oils for different purposes. this oil blend is perfect for face use because it isn’t too oily, and you can use it on your body as well. can be applied morning and night depending on your personal skincare routine.

sunday’s recipe
hydrating oil blend

1/3 sesame oil
1/3 apricot oil
1/3 rose hip seed oil
5-10 drops lavender essential oil
5-10 drops geranium essential oil
5 drops rose oil (optional)

besides smelling great, lavender and geranium also have healing properties. lavender is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, while geranium acts as an antimicrobial astringent when used on the skin.

it is important to use good quality ingredients in these recipes. when purchasing oils & essential oils look for ‘organic’ or ‘wildcrafted’, and try to source as locally as possible. i shop at zenith supplies in seattle, herban wellness in kirkland, or online at mountain rose herbs.

enjoy! and look forward to next sunday’s recipe for homemade face wash!
– ali


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