moon game

the first new moon of 2015

today greeted us with the first new moon of 2015! this is a powerful time full of changing energies. the moon is closest to the earth right now making it a ‘super moon.’

let me tell you about this idea called the “moon game.” during the new moon is the perfect time to seed intentions that you want to grow in and develop as the moon begins a new cycle.

i follow along with mystic mamma‘s posts about the moon. you can too, or create your own goals. this is a great tool to look at your life each month and set an intention to better yourself. i use mystic mamma’s posts as a theme for my goals for the month.

this month i am working on tuning into the powerful, action-driven part of myself. i will be bold in my dreams and not let negatively hold me back. making mantras during this time is a magical gift you can give yourself. create strong “i am” statements and recite them to yourself throughout the day. mine this month are: “i am fearless. i am bold. i am powerful.” i challenge you to seed intentions & create your own mantras during this new lunar cycle as well!IMG_7399


3 thoughts on “the first new moon of 2015

  1. This is beautiful, Ali! I can’t wait to learn more about the moon from you. I love the idea of reciting the “I am” phrases. There are so many little nagging, negative voices in our heads that just need to be won out by the positive voices! It’s amazing how much choice is involved in how we feel. Time to take control. Thank you, love!

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