sunday’s recipe: diy face & hand soap

this week’s recipe is for homemade face wash and hand soap! these recipes are almost identical, so this week it’s a two for one deal. after you have purchased your initial ingredients, you will save so much money from these simple recipes!

again for this recipe, i mix all the ingredients straight into the bottle. there is a diagram to assist you, since i don’t have proper measurements. (p.s. i prefer glass & began by using amber glass bottles, but this soap performs much better in a foaming soap dispenser. i have yet to find a glass foaming soap dispenser, so if you have any tips, please let me know!!)

sunday’s recipe
face wash & hand soap

fill to the bottom line ~ castile soap
middle line ~ liquid glycerin
top line ~ filtered water


for face wash:
10 drops cleansing, cell regenerating rosemary essential oil
5 drops antimicrobial, astringent geranium essential oil

for hand soap:
10 drops antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial & antiseptic tea tree essential oil
10 drops antibacterial, antiseptic & antiviral eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops calming & anti-inflammatory lavender essential oil

remember from last week, it is important to use good quality ingredients in these recipes. when purchasing oils & essential oils look for ‘organic’ or ‘wildcrafted’, and try to source as locally as possible. i shop at zenith supplies in seattle, herban wellness in kirkland, or online at mountain rose herbs. : )

making my own hand soap was one of my first projects and i am so happy i did! i think you will be just as happy too. enjoy it!


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