moon game

february’s full moon

IMG_5797today is february’s full moon and marks the half-way point in the lunar cycle. the full moon is our illumination time. it is the time when our seeds of intention, that were set at the new moon, can spring forth into fullness; think of it like a flower that is blooming. all of this beautiful imagery allows you to play with the idea of the moon game. over the next two weeks, as we finish this lunar cycle, it is time for integrating our intentions and lessons we have learned of ourselves in the past month…it is our time to ‘harvest’ these lessons and embrace them into daily practice. the moon game is rooted in astrology, which i flow between believing in and not. i like to think of astrology as insight and wisdom into what could be happening around us. i use it as a tool to influence my new moon goal setting and follow along with mystic mamma to find out what themes to base my goals on. the moon draws me in with its whimsy & mystery… this month they are saying the full moon is “plump with positive energy” and i love that image. : ) this moon is for being creative and accepting expansion. photo 4 the ‘seeds’ i planted two weeks ago were goals to summon the powerful side of myself. i have been fairly consistent with my mantra reciting, but i can do better. these next two weeks for me will involve creating a positive, creative visual  reminder of these statements: “i am fearless. i am bold. i am powerful.” what have the last two weeks been like for you? will the future two weeks allow you to integrate your goals fully into your being? it’s okay if your answer is ‘no’, trust me, i will be there at times also. i think what matters is that we’re trying to better ourselves and bring positive changes into our lives, which will in turn positively affect the world around us. *blessings, friends!*


let me know what you think!

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