sunday’s recipe: salt spray

now this is one of my favorite (!!) products i was able to find after scouring the internet in search of a salt spray recipe. that being said, this recipe is originally wellness mama‘s, i slightly adapted it to reach the desired texture for my hair.

i had been using a commercially produced spray for a few years and i loved what it did to my hair, but i just knew there was a simpler, less expensive, more natural way to make this product.

i use this salt spray every morning to add texture after i brush my hair. it helps to hold my wavy hair a little too and allows me to go one more day without washing my hair 😉 more about that next week.

sunday’s recipe

1 cup hot water
3-4 tablespoons epsom salt
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. aloe vera gel
5 drops essential oil of choice

i mix all these ingredients with a wooden spoon in a pyrex measuring cup with a pour spout. after salt is dissolved, i pour it into a 8 oz. cobalt blue glass with a spray top and it’s ready to use! 1-2 sprays is all that is needed per area of the hair. i apply to my bangs, all over my head, scrunch and go!


4 thoughts on “sunday’s recipe: salt spray

  1. This recipe looks wonderful, love! My hair sometimes gets way to slick for ponytails or buns. I usually go to hairspray, but this alternative looks way healthier and will probably yield better results!

    PS – I just nominated you for something called “The Liebster Award” on my blog 🙂 Just some fun questions to answer and a chance to become better known in the blogosphere! I love you! xo

    1. Wow! Thank you!!! That’s super exciting 🙂

      This spray adds so much wonderful texture to your hair! I bet it will help with the feeling of “slick”… it adds a grabbing texture that I love so much. Let me know what you think!

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