sunday’s recipe: hair powder

hey lovers! this week’s recipe only includes one ingredient: corn starch. i have been through my fair share of hair powders and dry shampoos over the years, and corn starch works equally as good to soak up those overnight oils.

i was really liking acure‘s dry shampoo power, but i wasn’t liking the price adding up. after researching online and finding a few dyi hair powder recipes, i decided to try simply corn starch.

sunday’s recipe
hair powder

1 cup organic, non-gmo corn starch

storage & application: i store mine in an 8 oz. wide mouth mason jar & apply with an old make up brush at night, just before getting into bed. you only need a light amount around your hairline & bangs. by morning time, the white powder will vanish, soaked up overnight by natural hair oils.

do you have any tips for dyi hair powder? i would love to hear em!


let me know what you think!

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