moon game

february’s new moon

hello, friends! today is february’s new moon. here are my thoughts on seeds of intention for this month. today was quite a doozy for me, but i continually pushed through the craziness and am choosing to walk away with a persistence that i believe will carry me through the month.

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i gathered themes from mystic mamma of birthing new ideas, creativity, and finding balance between light & dark within ourselves. there is a creative & passionate energy arising that we should tap into! choose and set intentions for the direction you want to head into. my new moon mantras this month are going to be:

i am a creative being.
i am free.
i am anchored in light.

“anchor in light but not doing it in a way to escape, deny or ignore the shadows. we do so that we can illuminate the shadow and help heal the rift and duality in ourselves and the world around us.”

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are you taking part in this moon game? i’d love to hear what your mantras are for the month ahead. *blessings!*


2 thoughts on “february’s new moon

  1. I LOVE that quote. So funny, my art therapy group was discussing shadow and light yesterday. So relevant to where I’m at now! Thank you for this wonderful encouragement.

    Circus & Bloom

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