sunday’s recipe: a candle making tutorial

about two years ago, my darling friend janessa and i stumbled through making our first candles. ever since, she has been simplifying the process and came up with a fool-proof method. i joined her this week while she made a few candles & was able to photograph her process. together we have made for you a step-by-step tutorial for crafting your own beeswax candles!

*beeswax pastilles 
*2″-4″ diameter cotton wick (seattle locals can find at zenith supply)
*metal wick tabs (seattle locals can find at zenith supply)
*pliers for pinching the wick tabs
*recycled glass jar or mason jar
*two jars/cups of equal size for balancing
*1 tongue depressor
*1 clothespin
*1 plastic straw
*glass measuring cup with pour spout (easily found at thrift stores for a few bucks)
*1 pot for boiling water


step 1*
gather all of your supplies, begin warming your jar(s) in the oven at 250•F.  if recycling an old candle, heat glass in the oven, wipe clean with a paper towel & wa-la! you have a new candle vessel.

step 2*
measure out your beeswax. scoop your candle jar full of pastilles, pour into glass measuring cup & then scoop another half a jar full- the extra is necessary for having a full candle. place the glass measuring cup into the pot on the stove. fill the water in the pot level to the height of the beeswax. turn the stove to medium- bring to a slight boil.
IMG_0466   IMG_7610

step 3*
prepare the wick & wick tab. string the wick through the hole of the wick tab & pinch it with the pliers to hold it in place. keep your wick length a little bit longer than the height of your candle jar. place your plastic straw over your completed wick (see picture below).
step 4*
once all the pastilles have melted, dip the bottom of the wick tab into the wax and use the straw to press the wick into the bottom center of your glass jar- hold for 10 seconds while it sets.

step 5*
set up the popsicle stick across two balanced jars/cups with the wick centered and held in place by the clothespin. you need to place this contraption on top of the warm oven so the candle will cool slowly. this is important because allowing the candle to cool slowly will insure no air bubbles form inside your candle causing “sink holes”.

step 6*
using an oven mitt, grab the glass measuring cup from the stovetop & check for air bubbles. if you see any, tap the glass on the counter & they will pop. next, pour slowly into your candle jar so no more bubbles appear.

step 7*
once the candle has cooled and hardened, trim the wick to 1/4″. you have officially made your very own non-toxic, beautiful beeswax candle! congratulations! 🙂Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


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