moon game

march’s full moon

*full moon blessings, friends!* today’s full moon brings with it a swell of emotions. as mystic mamma says (paraphrased), this moon reminds us to find a balance between living in your head versus through your heart. our challenge is to find a combination of those two ways to flow through this time with compassion and grace, and always with humor. 

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‘m going to be honest with you, i was not on top of my mantras over the past two weeks. it did not reach my mind once. yikes!

my seeds of intention were based on creativity and light. my mantras were: “i am a creative being. i am free. i am anchored in light.” i really love these mantras, and will work these next two weeks on allowing them to flower or blossom in my life and incorporate them into daily practice.

i think it is important to allow for transparency in this blogging community, i hope you can appreciate that as well. 🙂 i enjoy how setting these monthly intentions here allows me to have a space where they’re held accountable. i would love to hold you accountable too, like a connected community uplifting one another.

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a quote from mystic mamma, “the best use of this moon can be about harnessing potential for self-adjustments, inner work and healing. […as we move into] wholeness.”

how have the past two weeks of mantras been for you?



let me know what you think!

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