caturdays with edison & dahlia

if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed the frequent “caturday” post featuring our beloved kittens, edison & dahlia aka eddie & dolly.
i never knew i loved cats so much until these cats came into my life. they are a brother and sister duo from the same litter. last summer, ryan and i got the fluffiest, cutest tiny babies! now, they are almost 10 months old and they’ve grown like crazy. eddie, who is a tabby, is way bigger than dolly, who is a siamese/tabby mix.

IMG_9452 IMG_7394 these two have an affinity for hot fires, warm sunshine, kitty food, playing with mini whiffle balls, and the best, sweetest snuggles, ever. eddie is a total mama’s boy. he is my big fat baby. whereas, dolly has chosen ryan for her favorite snuggle buddy. she is the most tolerant cat i’ve ever met, like a noodle when you pick her up, she just melts from love.

IMG_6404 IMG_3293
i love these kittens so much! i think we really do have the sweetest, most well-tempered cats.

IMG_0143 IMG_0643


One thought on “caturdays with edison & dahlia

  1. Your kitties are SO CUTE! They’ve grown sooo much since I saw them last. Eddie looks so dang studly in the last photo! Love your photography, lady.

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