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april’s new moon: strive after your goals

april’s new moon is upon us! as a reminder, the new moon is the perfect time for setting intentions that you feel you could accomplish in a months time, the time is takes for the moon to complete her cycle. when we reach the full moon, in two weeks, you’ve reached a check-in point, to see how you are doing with your goals and figure out how to fully incorporate them into your life.

according to mystic mamma, this new moon is charged with energy that encourages us to set our eyes towards our futures, to make goals for ourselves, and to blossom into who we want to be.

it’s so crazy how time flies when you become an adult. i want to preserve the slowness of childhood and carry some of that magic over into my adult life. yesterday was a great example of feeling that wonder; i dug my hands into the earth and savored the cool dirt, birds chirping above and felt so present in the warm sunshine. i was too busy living yesterday to finish writing my post about the new moon. but i think that’s actually what this moon is all about for me. getting out there and doing the things that i love, the things that make me happy.
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my goals this month:
*spend as much time as possible outside, there is so much peace to be found in nature
*continue running with ryan
*create a moon mandala
*be less of a multi-tasker, embrace the power of staying present one task at a time
*keep dreaming and expressing creativity

my mantras for the month:
*i am a peaceful being
*i am a creative spark
*i am a dreamer
*i am healthy

i love making mantras for myself. they are so powerful for me. i like to write them down and keep a few copies around the house, in my purse and car so that i can read them and put them to memory. the reciting of mantras is like calling forth these ideas into being, like seeds sprouting from within your essence.
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each moment/day/month/lifetime, we can plant seeds within our depths that we want to nourish and bring forth, to sprout/bloom/blossom and become. “your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.” – morihei ueshiba


let me know what you think!

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