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new moon ~ grounding into the earth

i spent some much needed time in the garden this afternoon. it was time to transplant our warm crops into our raised beds. the temperatures are up, and the little plant babies were definitely in need of real, nutrient rich soil. now they can shoot their roots down deep into the earth as they stretch towards the sun and grow.

i love gardening. it brings me incredible amounts of joy. our garden now feels so full of life, so much more complete, more green and vibrant. this new moon is in taurus, an earth element, which presents a symbolic time for planting. according to mystic mamma, the new moon calls for us to root down into mother earth to find a sense of grounding. grounding connects us to our bodies and the sensations that are happening in and around us.

my goals for the month:
~spend as much time outside as possible
~continue running with ryan
~find my roots/peace/grounding
~be in the present moment

i am rooted in the earth

i encourage you to go barefoot in the grass this week, to feel the earth’s energy pulsing underneath your feet. tune into those sensations and you’ll be amazed at the peace you can tap into. the earth can (figuratively and literally) support you. i love to use imagery when practicing this…

imagine… a beam of light is climbing up from the earth’s core, moving into your feet, flowing through your whole body, and shooting up into the sky! you are a powerful being. : )


One thought on “new moon ~ grounding into the earth

  1. Oh, I’m so happy to be back visiting your beautiful space after a long hiatus. I love your words. They always ground me and bring me back to the now. I’m so proud of you and your garden! I can’t wait to drink in all of its beauty soon. My thoughts and love is with you, sweet girl! I love you!

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