moon game

full moon: just be

last week was like a bomb  of stress, disappointment, exhaustion & emotional distress. woah. i am happy to report that this week is significantly calmer, lighter & relieving.

mystic mamma‘s full moon wisdom is so spot on to my life right now. it’s funny how sometimes it just aligns. this full moon calls for us to release our fears, feel through our emotions & be present in stillness.

a few pieces that stood out to me in particular…

*”[be careful not to build foundation-less castles in the sky with your dreams and thoughts…stay grounded and rooted in wisdom as your build]”

*”allow yourself time away from pressures of figuring things out and simply be in stillness.”

*”allow the light from the sun to illuminate all that we need to see in our unconscious, in our minds, in our thoughts, and our beliefs. using this full moon to seek out truth – within and without – and question what we think we know rather than think we have it all figured out.”

IMG_4791 IMG_4788

the way i think about all of this: in the end, even if it was all bs, that’s okay because it made me strive to be better. and that is good. astrology is not necessarily “my belief,” but there are many times when it aligns with what’s happening in my life or in my heart.

i could definitely benefit from maintaining my roots and grounding after last week’s airy-floating-wildly-around-space feelings. the ironic part about that is grounding myself was apart of my new moon goals, ha! i will be working on this continually for some well as all of my other goals, since they too fell to the wayside with all the craziness.

*”be still and just be…”
*”allow the light of the full moon to illuminate…”



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