moon game

new moon week

to tell you the truth, this past month has been a doozy. many ups and downs have left me introspective, but hopeful. i find comfort in the upcoming solstice that awaits us!

the new moon on tuesday offered focused, action driven energy, according to mystic mamma. i am ready for this energy, willing to tap into it and receive a spark for my inner light. i am ready for the magic. : ) “real magic doesn’t go “poof” and happen dramatically; it has a rhythm as slow as the berries ripening on the vine. but it is real.” -from celebrating the great mother

new moon goals:

*balance intensity with grounding activities like yoga & gardening / practice good self-care

*spend time reading this summer…the book list is long already!

*plan intentional time with friends & beloveds

*take action on projects!

“as you stand under the night sky looking up at their brilliant light, imagine their gifts raining down on you~ beauty, pleasure, abundance, and the joy in the balance of feminine and masculine coming together.” -patricia liles


let me know what you think!

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