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new moon; choosing love

i’m back! today is july’s new moon, the second of three moons that will occur this month. summer is upon us and light fills the sky long into the evenings here. as the new moon leaves the night sky darker tonight, use this darkness as a time to plant seeds of intention within your heart. embrace the darkness, as it balances the light, and nourish seeds in your depths, just as we plant seeds within the dark soil.

i am nourishing seeds of love & joy within my heart, and choosing daily to live with love, not fear. the hummingbird is a symbol of joy. resonating with our heart chakra, calling us to be open and loving. reminding me to not live in fear, but instead, choose love. i have been blessed with lots of hummingbird magic lately and i don’t take a single moment of it for granted. they are such beautiful creatures, moving here and there, reminding us to follow the magic of our hearts wherever it takes us.

summer is such a gift, such a necessary uplifting time. i am basking in summer’s glory. this new moon greets us in the middle of summer, a great time to check in with ourselves and see what new goals (seeds) we want to set (plant) for ourselves over the next lunar cycle. my mantras…

i am love.
i am joy.
i am light.
i am shadow.
i am balanced.

“make friends with your feelings. embrace the dark side. you are both shadow and light. male and female. yin and yang.” -kelly rosano, from mystic mamma


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