autumnal equinox!

happy autumnal equinox, friends! today marks a transition, one that we have begun to feel here in the pacific northwest. it is a sacred and special time that we can align with the earth’s rhythms to look inward and take stock.

“autumn’s dance is one of change and letting go… as nature amazes us with her shifting landscapes and the falling away of all that is outgrown, no longer needed, we take time to appreciate the things that last, that remain deep within us – family, loving relationships, inner wisdom…”*

this is a time for us to inventory ourselves, to see what we can release and let go of, just as the trees release their leaves and let them fall away into the natural cycle of death and rebirth.

“the stillness that follows early autumn’s intensity encourages us to find our dreaming place. as [winter ushers in] a time of bleakness, death and transformation, we discover our own inner richness.”*

today, as we celebrate the equinox, we honor the balance of light and dark being equal on this day. moving forward, we welcome the darker, cooler days that lay ahead of us. we can “thank the dark and the light as our teachers in the spectrum of experience.” (from mystic mamma) we love the light of summer, but there should be equal appreciation for the transition of autumn and the darkness of winter, as they are all valuable to us, to the earth, and they each teach us something different.

*from celebrating the great mother by cait johnson and maura d. shaw


let me know what you think!

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