what do you do for a living?
i am a pre-k teacher at a private school in seattle, wa. i absolutely love, love my job.

what kind of camera do you use?
an original canon 5D

what is your favorite color?
i have two. yellow & green, like a sunflower.

where did you grow up?
bothell, wa

how old are you?
27 years old

are you married? what is your husband’s name?
yes, ryan

do you have any pets or children?
yes, we have 2 kittens named edison (eddie) & dahlia (dolly). no kids yet!

what inspires you?
i am inspired by the natural world; the sun, moon, stars, sky, oceans, plants & growing food. i love hiking, swimming and romping around parks with my husband or friends. i am inspired to rise early, light a morning fire, and listen to the sounds of home surrounding me…crackling wood, the washer churning away, birds chirping at the feeders just outside my windows, and my kittens competing for my attention. these slow moments bring me joy. 

you use the word homestead in your “about” page, what does that mean to you?
our homestead is a place where we strive to live simply and cultivate our food as much as possible. we heat our home using a stove with wood that ryan hand-chopped. to me it means having a cozy home in which we welcome community and gather around fresh meals. i have dreams of chickens, ducks and goats…someday. 

what blogs do you read?
house of habit, the ma books, bleubird blog, and  love taza.

if i am coming to seattle what/where would you recommend?
seattle is a great city, full of good food, coffee and sites. here are my favorites:
for coffeemilstead & co., analog coffee
for foodrevel, bitterroot bbqbizzarro italian cafe, cafe presse, delanceythe fat hen
parks– discovery park, golden gardens, volunteer park, lincoln park, wa. state arboretum, greenlake, alki beach, schmitz preserve, kubota garden, seward park
 sites/activities– gasworks park, kerry park, seattle science center, canoe rentals from uw, seattle art museum, pike place market, seattle waterfront, olympic sculpture park


let me know what you think!

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